Clever Armadillo LLC

Clever Armadillo creates software to help in your everyday life. We develop both web-based and mobile software.

Mobile Application Development

We create apps for the iPhone and iPad. Check out our apps that are currently available on the App Store.


Here are some examples of websites and web apps that we have created.

VolunClear is a Pennsylvania volunteer clearance tracking tool. Perfect for youth sports organizations and other volunteer-based groups, VolunClear makes it easy for volunteers to provide their clearances and easy for administrators to keep track of their volunteers' status.

Poplar is a contact management tool that will help you keep track of all your sales prospects. Enter your business cards into Poplar and have all of the contact information at your fingertips. A desktop or laptop will enable you to take advantage of all of Poplar's features. A mobile optimized version of Poplar provides the features that are most important for when you are on the go. Since your data is stored in the cloud, it is automatically up to date on all of your devices.